dog and owner quarantined

People all over the world are spending an unprecedented amount of time in their homes, often with a companion animal or two by their sides. While many of us are lamenting this time apart from family, friends, and fun activities, there is a plus side – the chance to sit back and learn a thing or two from our pets!

Yes, you read that right. Animals have a deep wisdom when it comes to preserving their own health and well being, something humans seem to have lost along the way.

Spending time with our pets during quarantine is the perfect opportunity to uncover some of the important life lessons Mother Nature wants us all to understand!

5 Lessons Learned From Pets During Quarantine

  1. Stay flexible – Pet owners know how often their dogs and cats stretch (you’re seeing this more now that you’re home all day), but flexibility extends beyond muscles and joints. Our pets’ routines have changed, but they’re going with the flow and just happy to have us around. 
  1. Prioritize sleep – In our fast paced world, sleep deprivation is common, but it comes at a cost to our health. Our pets never feel guilty for taking a nap, or two, or three, during the day, and neither should we. With our lives turned upside down and spending more time at home than ever, now is the perfect chance to make a nap part of your daily ritual.
  1. Make time for play – Pets of all ages love to play, and playing is good for people, too. Take a few breaks throughout the day to throw the ball, play tug of war, or dangle the feather chaser for your cat. You will both be better for it.
  1. Live in the moment – We are living in a time of uncertainty, but our pets don’t seem to notice. Although their lives are completely dependent on us, they relax and rest easy with no worries about what will happen next. We aren’t recommending abandoning your plans for the future, but perhaps we can take a cue from our pets: there are some things we simply can’t control, but there is beauty to be found in every moment.
  1. Don’t forget snuggles – Although your constant presence in the home may disrupt your pet’s normal routine, chances are good they’re happy you’re around more. Those casual petting sessions, scratches behind the ears, and all-important snuggles (often during Zoom meetings!) serve to strengthen and deepen the bond between us and our sweet pets.

What have you learned from your pets during quarantine? We would love to hear from you! Post to our social media or let us know the next time your pet is in for a checkup.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your team at Arlington Animal Hospital with any questions or concerns you may have about your pet.