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The final days of 2018 are a distant memory, and we can’t help but reflect back at this time of year on all the memories and accomplishments of the past year. At Arlington Animal Hospital, we’re feeling especially grateful for the relationships we’ve formed with Arlington pet owners and their furry family members. Being part of your health care team for your pets is our honor!

One way we contribute to the health of your pet is through our monthly pet care blogs, and it’s only natural to wonder which of the posts you found most helpful and entertaining this past year. So we compiled our top pet care blogs of 2018 and hope that you enjoy a look back!

Arlington Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs of 2018

#5: The Big Brrr: All About Winter Pet Care
Here in Virginia, we’re no strangers to winter weather, but the climate affects each pet differently, and winter pet care can be more involved this time of year. Whether your pet loves the snow and cold or they would prefer to snuggle up by the fire, cold weather safety is crucial to the health and comfort of your pet. Read more…

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#4: Hit the Trails with These Dog Friendly Arlington Walks and Hikes!
The weather is slowly shifting from hot and humid to slightly less hot and humid, and this has nature lovers excited to spend some quality time outdoors with their canine companions. Virginia is home to an extensive network of hiking trails, and the many dog friendly Arlington area trails are sure to keep you and your pooch busy this summer. Keep reading…

#3: Scoop the Poop! The Importance of Cleaning up After Your Dog
Ew! You just stepped outside and stepped in a pile of dog poop! Scenes like these may make the mantra, “Scoop the poop!” a well-deserved one, but more importantly, cleaning up after your dog helps prevent the spread of parasites and disease. Get the scoop!

#2: Pet Costumes Your Pet Might Tolerate – or Even Enjoy!
It’s impossible to think about Halloween without considering – at least once or twice – how cute it would be to dress your pet up for the holiday. Indeed, no pet owner can walk by a store display without being transfixed and inspired by the vast array of clever and adorable pet costumes (it’s also perfectly acceptable to opt for something DIY!). Continue reading…

#1: Why Does My Cat Do That? Curious Cat Behaviors Explained
It seems like the internet is simply full of funny cat videos, doesn’t it? Even people that aren’t self-proclaimed cat lovers admit to enjoying feline antics once in awhile, and why wouldn’t they? They’re funny, adorable, amazing, and unpredictable. While it may be fun to sit back and marvel at various cat behaviors, it’s important to be able to recognize the difference between the amusing ones and the potential warning signs. Read on!

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The Year Ahead

As we look ahead to the upcoming year, we’re happily anticipating seeing our friends and clients again, to provide compassionate veterinary care. If we missed any blog topics that you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know. And, from our family to yours, we wish you a very Happy New Year!