Pet costumes can be fun but require pet costume safetyIt’s impossible to think about Halloween without considering – at least once or twice – how cute it would be to dress your pet up for the holiday. Indeed, no pet owner can walk by a store display without being transfixed and inspired by the vast array of clever and adorable pet costumes (it’s also perfectly acceptable to opt for something DIY!).

No matter what you choose, it’s important to not sacrifice your pet’s health and safety for a good photo op. That’s why the vets at Arlington Animal Hospital have compiled the following tips and tricks for fun and safe pet costumes!

First Things First

You know your pet the best, so start your quest for the perfect costume by thinking about what your pet is likely to tolerate. Some animals are hardly bothered by clothing; others won’t have anything to do with it. Regardless of where your pet is on the comfort spectrum, be sure to consider the following:

  • The costume should fit properly and not be too tight or too loose.
  • Make sure the fabric isn’t itchy or made of highly flammable material.
  • The costume should be free of dangling accessories (bows, sequins, ribbons, etc.) that can pose choking or entanglement hazards.
  • Your pet’s movement and breathing should not be impaired. They should also be able to easily go to the bathroom.
  • Make sure nothing impacts their ability to see (masks and hats are usually challenging for pets).

Top-Notch Pet Costumes

Pop culture is an excellent source of inspiration for pet costumes. From Star Wars and Harry Potter to famous musicians like Prince or Katy Perry, we’re sure you and your pet will be revered for your creativity and cuteness.

We also get a kick out of the following awesome pet costumes:

If your pet just cannot deal with donning an outfit, you can still get them dolled up with bat wings, a festive, personalized bandana, or a Halloween bowtie.

Last but Not Least

To truly enjoy Halloween, pet safety should be a top priority. Chocolate toxicity and xylitol poisoning remain high on the list of seasonal dangers. Reflective gear, microchips, and visible harnesses/leashes/collars/ID tags are also important.  

Please contact your Arlington vet if you have any questions or concerns about pet costumes. Our veterinarians are always here to help. Happy Halloween!