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Do you work with pet insurance companies? Do you have recommendation for which company I should use?

Pet insurance companies are becoming more widespread within the veterinary community, and many offer differing services and plans.  We recommend Trupanion for your pet insurance needs but also recommend that you research any other compaies thoroughly and ask the company representative about any specific questions that you may have regarding your financial needs.  We do not specifically endorse any pet insurance company; however, Pet Insurance Reviews offers a good starting point for you to research the most well-known companies.

Please understand that pet insurance does not operate like many human medical insurance companies - we do not work directly with them (onsite reimbursement is in the works with Trupanion, date to be determined ~2018), therefore full payment to us is  required at at the time that services are rendered.  After submission of your  claim form, you will receive reimbursement from your insurance company.  We are happy to fill our claims fo your pet's visits.  Please provide us with a signed (not dated) claim form and we will submit it on your behalf.

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