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Are your Veterinarians USDA-accredited? How do I prepare my pet for international Travel?

We have USDA-accredited veterinarians at our practice who will work with you to fill out an International Health Certificate for overseas travel.  Because of the varied nature of import regulations between countries, we ask that you confirm with both the embassy of the country to which you are traveling, as well as your airline, the specific requirements for travel.  Please make certain that you make arrangements in a timely manner, as many countries have strict policies about form and treatment deadlines.  Some countries, such as those that are rabies-free, require documented evidence of bloodwork; this lab work often has a turnaround time of several weeks. 

Please research the specific regulations for your country through the USDA APHIS website.  The "list of countries" offers extensive information about the import requirements for each country. Please read through all the forms required for the country you are traveling too.  When in doubt, the embassy of your destination country will offer you the most information.

Please be aware that all international animal shipments require an official government seal from the Area Veterinarian In-Charge after the health certificate has been completed by us.  The closest USDA Veterinary Services office is in New York so please plan accordingly. 

We ask that you make an appointment to bring your pet in for a travel exam before we fill out an International Health Certificate.  This way we can make sure that your pet is well enough to travel and that she has received all of the necessary vaccinations and treatments required by the airline and destination country.  If you have never been to our hospital before, we ask that you please bring any records you have on  your pet to your appointment or send in advance to facilitate the travel-exam process.  During the appointment you may discuss with the veterinarian any specific concerns that you may have about traveling with your pet.

For more information about this service, please visit our travel exams page.  You can also schedule your appointment with either of our 2 accredited Veterinarians; Dr. Fred Jones or Dr. Jacob London on line.

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