woman on tablet looking at cat x-ray with cat on table.

We live in an age that promotes the constant search and celebration of technology. Our gadgets and apps give the impression of endless improvement. As such, it’s unsurprising that there are always new items to improve or enhance pet health and ownership. Whether you’re looking for safety or security, entertainment, or overall wellness products, we can help you get a handle on the best in pet tech. 

Everybody Wins

One of the greatest features of pet technology is convenience. To make everyone’s life a little less chaotic (while promoting a healthy weight), automatic pet feeders serve up precise portions at exact times. A scheduled food dispenser keeps a pet’s routine on track, and reduces stress or anxiety if/when an owner cannot make it home on time. 

Location, Location, Location

Most pet owners are highly aware of the risks associated with abrupt and inadvertent separation from their pets. Compatible with smartphones and through the manufacturer’s app, GPS collars are helpful in reuniting lost or missing pets because: 

  • They can work in tandem with a pet’s physical ID tags and microchip as an added layer of protection. 
  • Tracking their exact location in real time decreases the chance of permanent separation.
  • GPS collars (or other wearables) are integral to a pet’s safety during emergencies or natural disasters. 

Elevating Independence

While the idea of installing an electronic pet door may sound enticing, it’s best to use one in conjunction with interior and exterior cameras. With constant surveillance, you can learn about your pet’s habits like barking, digging, and even escape attempts. Some cameras allow for two-way communication, can dispense treats, and even play certain sounds. 

If you trust your pet’s behavior, providing them an opportunity to explore can be valuable while you’re away or reluctant to let them outside every 5 minutes. Using sensors, electronic pet doors allow for ease of movement, increase exercise, reduce boredom, and make an owner’s life easier if there are mobility challenges. 

Pet Fitness Trackers

Similar to a smart watch, pet fitness trackers can monitor pet activity levels and log certain health metrics. Known for promoting an active lifestyle, pet fitness trackers can assist with weight management and reduce obesity-related health problems. Working on fitness goals together can enhance the bond between pets and their owners, while maximizing vitality and improving longevity. 

Interactive Toys

Typically pet owners enjoy playing with their pets, but sometimes life gets in the way (or pets want to play nonstop). Interactive toys, like a smart ball launcher or a smart puzzle toy, keep them engaged, active, and stimulated. Reducing stress and boredom are obvious results, but smart interactive toys can lead to shared playtime, too. 

Pet Gadgets

As technology continues to evolve, we’re sure that pet owners will enjoy taking advantage of all the pet gadgets designed to enhance pet health and improve the human-animal connection. 

If you have questions about wearable pet tech or smart pet products, please give us a call at (703) 920-5300. Our staff is always happy to help at Arlington Animal Hospital.